2 in 1  NEW Aluminum Baseball/Softball Bat
'The New Bat Of The Future'

Title: New Baseball/Softball Bat of the future.  

Introducing PopToss 2 in 1 Aluminum baseball/softball bats.
  • Our bat is the first weighted bat that can be used during live batting practice.
  • We use metal rods and screw-in weights to turn a regular aluminum bat into a weighted bat.
  • Users can adjust the weight of their bat as a weighted bat by adding as much as 20 ounces to as little as 3 ounce to the weight of a normal bat. 
  • It is the best CONDITIONING tool, period, to increase the power in your swing and increase your bat speed.
  • In some instances, depending upon your league rules, our bat can be used as a game bat
The response to our NEW ALUMINUM Bats has made our decision six months ago to seek International PATENTS in many, many countries a VERY WISE DECISION.  The response has been over whelming !!  
This NEW Baseball/Softball BAT is the greatest
conditioning tool for baseball and softball players EVER in the history of the sports !!!

Following is weight listing of the 3 metal rods when inserted inside our NEW Aluminum 32 inch long length bat:
26 inch metal rod-A = bat weighs 52 ounces
17 inch long metal rod-B = bat weighs 42 ounces
6 inch long metal rod-C =  bat weighs 35 onunces

-the Adult Package is composed of bat lengths 32, 33, and 34 inches. (recommended for users who are at least 13 years old)
-the Youth Package is composed of bat lengths of 31, 30 and 29 inches.


Adult Package gets 7 pieces                    Youth Package gets 5 a piece set
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                Each package is $99.00